The Essence of our Approach

Rhapsody in Wood is a special kind of furniture source. We design and create collectible-quality fine wood furnishings for individual customers; specializing in providing for individual tastes and unique applications. All of our products are singularly hand-crafted using premium furniture woods and outstanding finishes.

1. Have A Conversation With Us

Beginning with your idea, we apply our knowledge of wood and traditional furniture making methods to aesthetic and structural design and then skillfully execute our craft for the best in personal service. We invite you to email us with image attachments or to give us a call or send a text message.

2. Explore Dreams, Possibilities and Solutions

When practical, it’s helpful to meet face-to-face in the space for which the furnishing is being considered. Whether it’s at your home, your office or a public space, this is an opportunity to better understand your project in terms of styling, scale, timeline and budget. It’s also helpful to review any descriptive images and criteria you already have during this no-cost consultation.

3. Propose a Solution

At this point we’ll use what we learned in our previous step in order to propose one or more solutions for you to consider. Maybe your earliest concept is quite prescriptive and simply needs to be made in our shop. It’s equally likely though that we can be helpful in this phase to narrow a spectrum of options being considered. In some instances when concept formulation and refinement are likely to be a significant part of preparing a proposal, we may request to break out this time on a time/cost basis and subsequently refund those costs when a commitment is made to the realization portion of your project.

4. Project Realization

Upon acceptance of our proposal, we’ll schedule your project in our queue and begin the actual work of creating your furniture; moving from concept to the real thing. We’ll start by creating sketches and drawings for our shop that will further define details of shape, proportion, and joinery. Special materials and components are procured at this time too and processes and fixtures unique to the project are designed and developed. Finally, our craftsmanship is applied to lumber selection, cutting, planing, shaping, finishing, and assembly; ultimately realizing what was conceived at the start. And through all this we’ll keep in touch with you regarding the progress of your project.

5. Delivery and Support

As we near completion, we’ll arrange for personal delivery of your new furniture, providing careful placement and setup at your desired destination. Finally, we’ll advise you on the care of your furniture and check back with you on its performance and your level of satisfaction.