It began as a bit of word play around the 1924 George Gershwin orchestral composition titled, “Rhapsody in Blue”.

In considering the fitness of the name for what we wanted to express we consulted Webster’s New World™ Dictionary. It defines the word, rhapsody, this way:

rhapso·dy  (rapsə dē)  n., pl. –dies  [[<Gr rhaptein,  stitch together + ōidē,  song]] 1 any ecstatic or enthusiastic speech or writing  2  a musical composition of free, irregular form, suggesting improvisation.

We thought the name especially appropriate, given our fondness for classical music and how we stitch together, both ideas to their solutions and parts to their whole. Our approach is enthusiastic, as we compose and give form, adding a touch of improvisation to everything we do.

Subsequently we learned that big band leader, Woody Herman, actually composed a piece in the mid-forties that he called “Rhapsody in Wood”.

And stop-motion animation director, George Pal based his final “puppetoon” short film in 1947 on Herman’s life, also titling it Rhapsody in Wood.

So it is with regard for these men and their work that we honor them by operating our business under the name, Rhapsody in Wood LLC.




George Pal puppetoon opening image

Opening image from George Pal’s “Rhapsody in Wood”