Kim Rupprecht – Owner/Artisan

Minnesota furniture maker, Kim Rupprecht, studied Industrial Education at Iowa State University in Ames and the University of Wisconsin–Stout in Menomonie. Concentrating particularly on Materials and Processes, his most passionate focus became the making of fine wood furniture. Under the guidance of gentleman cabinetmaker, Edwin Dyas, and wood technologist, James Bjornerud at Stout, he flourished in the rich atmosphere of learning and discovery, graduating summa cum laude in 1976.

But Kim’s interest in and passion for woodworking became evident long before that time. “I can hardly recall a time before I declared some sort of commitment to a vocation in woodworking”, Kim says, noting that he still has a number of his first tools. Those tools were gifts from his parents for his seventh birthday. “They were probably given in part to keep me from dinging up my dad’s tools, but never the less, they helped me establish a personal identity and a lifelong love for woodworking.”

Upon graduation from Stout, Kim began working cooperatively with a workshop-gallery in southeast Wisconsin and eventually established himself independently near Rochester Minnesota. Early on he became known for creating individually commissioned fine wood clocks and further established himself over the years as a fine furniture maker.

Intertwined with his work in clock and furniture making, he enjoyed a 25 year career in manufacturing engineering prior to returning full time to a vocation in furniture making. The experience of those complimentary disciplines contributed to Kim’s mastery of specific technical skills, his broad understanding of interconnected processes, and a commitment to nurture relationships with all stakeholders. Individually commissioned pieces of his work reside locally, in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area, in neighboring states, Canada, and as far away as Anchorage, Alaska.

A member of the American Craft Council, the Minnesota Woodworkers Guild and the Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce, Kim has held a lifelong appreciation for all manner of woodworking and maintains an enthusiasm for learning and improvement.