Our Mission

Rhapsody in Wood specializes in designing and hand-crafting collectible-quality fine wood furnishings to uniquely satisfy our customers’ needs and tastes. Through lifelong learning we endeavor to continuously improve the quality and breadth of our services; fostering for our customers an abiding confidence in our ability and desire to help them, always advancing an appreciation for fine wood furniture.



Our Vision

We will be among the most regarded custom furniture makers in our region. That distinction will be earned through our provision of exceptional product and extraordinary customer service, and out of our regard for all stakeholders.


Our Values

We hold that:

… every person desires to be regarded with respect and dignity each day

… as stewards of the earth’s resources, we must use materials and energy efficiently and not exploit their use for our gain at the expense of others

… hand-crafted fine wood furniture is a uniquely expressive medium; bridging visual arts, fine arts, and practical arts